3.29.16 {Photo Shoot - Emmy}

Hey Everyone!!
Today I'm going to post a few pictures 
that I took of my sister, Emmy, last December. :)

I'd have to say this one's my favorite. :)

Now that it's starting to warm up some, 
I'm sure I'll be doing more photo shoots 
with Emmy, and we wont freeze. ;)
And I'm sure I'll be posting some of them. :)

Thanks for reading this post,
 and checking out my blog! :) 

3.27.16 {Spring Ice Storm}

Hey Ya'll!!
Sorry for being a stranger.. :P

Since I haven't posted in such awhile, I figured
I would just start fresh, and delete all my other post's. :)
(And I got a new Watermark!) 
It's been starting to warm up and feel more like spring!
Except for on Thursday, when we got a bunch of Snow and Ice.
It was so pretty! I got some pictures of it, but right now,
I'm going to post pictures I took on Friday morning,
when it was all starting to melt. :)

It was all so gorgeous!! :)

The field behind our house was absolutely Beautiful!!

Well, that's it for now! I'll be trying to post more often,
and not to take another unintended two month break. :P

God Bless!!